The Mission

Makeup artist applying makeup to actorFeedASoldier’s mission is simple: show our appreciation to our troops . . . anytime, anywhere. Many US citizens make it commonplace to buy a soldier’s meal or beverage when given the chance – a simple gesture to say ‘thank you’ for their service and sacrifice for our country. FeedASoldier’s goal is to simply make this even more commonplace by raising awareness of this selfless act of kindness.

Additionally, have fun doing it. Be anonymous. Be sneaky! If you see a soldier having a meal, flag down their waiter without being seen and pay their bill for them. It is a rewarding experience for the both of you when you see the look on their face when told their bill is already taken care of.

Let us know when and where you give in our social media ‘Post Your Give’ link and say ‘thank you’ or leave a message for your recipient soldier, whoever they may be. Pass the word on to a friend via email, Facebook, Twitter, and more with our sharing links.

FeedASoldier centers on the short film The Unknown Citizen, which serves as a prime example of a spur-of-the-moment decision to give back. It portrays a scenario present almost any time you’re in an airport, or often a restaurant, and shows how easy it is to follow through. There’s also some interesting back-story to the film, included in the Director’s cut so please take a moment to find out more about the cast, crew, and their stories.

A simple gesture says a tremendous ‘thanks’ to those who very well deserve it. Give back and tell your friends and family that you had the chance, and you did . . . FeedASoldier.


    Airports are hotspots to run into a soldier having a meal or beverage.
    It's fun and rewarding to see a soldier's reaction.
    Look for uniforms, packs, hats, or other items that identify a service member.
    Post your give and thank a soldier.
    Tell your friends and family.